Our eco-mobility know-how

VoltUp, a Luxembourg company, is the first independent provider of solutions for the charging and management of electric vehicles in the Grand Duchy.

We accept the challenge of providing the most flexible platform to manage all your needs.  Our teams are committed to a decarbonised mobility of our cities, a responsible use of our energy resources, and adapted structures.

Our experience

Our services contribute to the evolution of our customers. The technologies we master provide daily comfort for all people driving an electric vehicle. Our plus: based on the models of charging stations and associated services that you choose, we create business models. Let’s build new development opportunities together.

Fleet management
Estate & property management
Retail & leisure

Our key assets in daily life


In addition to our packaged solutions, we are developing tailored solutions for the majority of our customers. The adoption of electric mobility, as we see on a daily basis, depends on our customers’ businesses and locations.


For quality, it is the seriousness with which we take care of our clients’ needs, and the associated follow-up throughout the project and even afterwards.


Innovation is of course at the root of our DNA. The choice of technologies, the inventiveness of our services. But innovation is above all about understanding and implementing the solution that corresponds to the use cases of each client.