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INCH HOME is an intelligent charging station that predicts the charging behaviour of EVs and helps to charge the car when it is needed, at the lowest cost.

The charging station is equipped with an LCD display that guides the charging process and provides information about the recharge.

LOAD GUARD is a sensor that is installed in the electrical cabinet. It measures the electrical current in the building installation and sends real-time measurements to the charging station.

The INCH HOME charging station reacts to the received data by reducing the charging power in order to keep the total load of the installation below the nominal value of the installation or by increasing it to use the remaining available power for a faster charge.

As LOAD GUARD measures electrical current in both directions, it is able to detect excess power generated by local renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics. The green energy is used for faster and cheaper charging, thanks to the algorithms of the INCH HOME charging stations.

Volt Up offers an on-site or remote management solution for your INCH HOME charging station fleet.

The Volt Up CONNECT platform is a scalable electric vehicle charging management solution that supports rapid business growth while covering a wide range of scenarios.

Our vision is to fully support a growing range of e-mobility business models, connected to electric vehicle charging at all stages of growth; from a few charges at a single site to a cross-border electric vehicle charging network.

INCH HOME can support multiple users. This charging station can be equipped with an identification module with many options.

The user interface, which supports several languages, is easy to use and provides all the necessary information for both new and experienced users.

The contactless payment module allows for faster ad hoc use without registration, which improves user convenience. In a group of chargers, the master station can serve as a payment terminal for the whole group, which further reduces the operational costs of the charging infrastructure.

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