Advanced management for an electric vehicle fleet

Une plateforme intégrée

Volt Up Connect est une plateforme intégrée pour la gestion des points de recharge. Pour les Fleet Manager, notre plateforme permet d'obtenir des rapports en temps réel sur l'utilisation des différents véhicules. En plus Volt Up Connect peut se connecter à de nombreux ERP ou logiciels professionnels.

Around the world, many parties are pushing to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

Our solutions are modular: this is an advantage when you don't know in advance how much of your fleet will be electrified tomorrow!

The advantages of electric vehicles in the fleet management business are numerous, but they include :

  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs compared to combustion vehicles
  • The renegotiation, downwards, of insurance contracts
  • Increased durability of vehicles, and therefore a longer replacement cycle (except for those who always want the latest vehicle)
  • And there are many others.

The management of a vehicle fleet is nowadays influenced by new mobilities. Integrating a fleet of charging stations for electric vehicles concerns many companies: for a question of energy cost and CSR too.

The types of vehicles concerned by most businesses are cars (LEV, Light Electric Vehicle)
and vans (LCVs, Light Duty Electric Vehicles).

For these two types of vehicles, which are very common in companies, the adaptation of charging rates requires the adaptation of schedules to optimise charging cycles. These elements are taken into account via our Volt Up CONNECT platform. And you can always entrust us with your problems so that we can solve them together.

Charging guides, as well as training in the use of electric vehicle charging are available. In French and English.

In addition, Volt Up has set up commercial package solutions to enable company employees to purchase INCH HOME equipment at home.