Choosing equipment depends on knowing your needs

INCH DUO is a discreet and durable charger, ready for continuous operation in demanding public places. Its ergonomic design and large display with simple charging instructions and an ad hoc payment option are convenient for new users, while optional integration with external sensors such as parking sensors helps improve infrastructure accessibility and optimise usage patterns.
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INCH Pro chargers allow charge point operators to serve a large number of electric vehicles. Even in locations where power supply is limited. The intelligent clustering and energy management capabilities of our solutions help reduce installation and operating costs. Support for multiple languages and authorisation modes ensures wider applicability. The durable housing of the INCH PRO charging station is designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and still look good.
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Partners, you can offer your customers this comfort: As they return home, they simply plug their car into their INCH HOME wallbox. If necessary, they program the start time of the charge. Otherwise, they will let their smart charge point balance the power consumption needed to fully charge their car.
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